Downtown Billings Alliance 2020 Year in Review

Wow, 2020 did not turn out at all like any of us had planned for. There were unprecedented challenges faced by many due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in utter awe of the resilience and flexibility of the small businesses that make up our downtown. Like the rest of the small businesses around us, this year threw challenge after challenge at every arm of our non-profit organization. Thanks to the hard-working team inside the Downtown Billings Alliance we persevered through event cancellations, development plans changing, ever-changing health and safety guidelines, and nearly 1,000 Zoom meetings.

With a year like this, it’s hard to remember all that we’ve accomplished. It would seem with no large community events on our calendar our office should have had a slower year but this year was our busiest yet.

We wanted to share this with you, but also for our team to remember how much they did accomplish this year: 

January & February (Pre COVID)

March & April

May, June, July, August

September & October

November & December

Accomplishing the list above had its fair share of challenges. Navigating the twists and turns of the pandemic has been wearing for many, to say the least. Our organization may look different now than how we looked when we kicked off the year; We have less team members than we started the year with, evolved job descriptions, and we are working with tighter budgets in many areas, but the members of our team are thankful daily to be able to help develop our downtown, keep it vibrant, clean, and safe for the community and visitors to enjoy.