Spare Change for Real Change was created by Downtown Billings to bridge the gap between the city’s concerted efforts to impact homelessness, and alleviate poverty and addiction, and the public’s participation in those efforts. Through education campaigns and providing an alternative to giving money, Spare Change for Real Change has become an effective program in our fight!

Our Goals

  1. Encourage the public to reconsider their method of giving by reminding them that change given in the streets is too often used to feed an addiction, and there are other and better ways to give.
  2. Empower the Business Improvement District in considering the welfare of the local businesses, and empowering business to positively impact the social issues we face as a community.

Organizations and Initiatives We’ve Funded

  • Community Innovations
  • VOA’s home for Homeless Veterans
  • St. Vincent DePaul Charity Office
  • Montana Rescue Mission
  • HRDC
  • The Center for Children and Families
  • The Hub
  • Tumbleweed
  • Motivated Addiction Alternative Program (MAAP)
  • Billings Community Connect
  • Housing Authority
  • Friendship House
  • Rimrock
  • Community Crisis Center
  • South Park Senior Citizens Center
  • Canvas Project – Illuminating Homelessness

Granting Opportunities

Fundraising Events

Spare Change for Real Change includes the Downtown Purple 5K (walk/run) . Proceeds from this event, along with donations made through our website, collection meters, and other gifts, are granted out to service providers who prove to be making effective impacts in our community.