The Mission

Nowhere identifies and unites the cultural, economic, and elemental values of a city like it’s downtown. Made up of the property owners, businesses, creatives, and leaders that populate Montana’s largest city, Downtown Billings houses multiple non-profits who each advocates to make the downtown Billings district into a vibrant and thriving place; ripe for economic and civic opportunities.

The Downtown Billings organizations do this through various community events, marketing campaigns, clean and safe programs, safety initiatives, economic development projects, and urban renewal efforts.

The Organizations

The membership arm of Downtown Billings is a non-profit organization created to promote and advocate for a vibrant city center. Done through connecting members with one another and marketing Downtown Billings to our community and beyond. This organization serves as an Advisory Board for the other Downtown Billings organizations. Become a Member

The BID is a property-owner created and funded non-profit organization that works to enhance the downtown experience through:

  • The BID Street Team’s cleaning, care, and creation within the district.
  • Events throughout the year drawing thousands of locals and visitors.
  • A cooperative safety program that employs three Billings Police Department resource officers. These officers provide additional support specifically to the downtown community.

This economic development arm of Downtown Billings assists the City of Billings by managing the Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District within the Central Business District. It also manages the Urban Renewal District to further assist property owners with development and expansion, identifying and deploying resources for business recruitment and retention downtown.

Community Innovations
Spare Change for Real Change

Community Innovations and Spare Change for Real Change non-profits were established to provide resources to local individuals experiencing mental health crisis, addiction, and/or homelessness. Working with the Resource Outreach Coordinator, Homeless Outreach Team, and Downtown Billings Police Officers, individuals are diverted away from the street or jail and into available local services.

Strategic Priorities

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Vibrant & Connected 24-Hour Downtown

The DBA will lead the continued transformation of downtown to become a 24-hour vibrant nucleus of connected culture, business, entertainment, and downtown living.

Strong Downtown Identity

The DBA will lead the evolution of downtown’s identity to assure downtown is viewed as an inclusive, inviting, and distinct destination where the city comes together to celebrate community.

Diverse Economic Engine

The DBA will leverage existing and new resources to support the growth of downtown to ensure it remains a diverse economic engine that attracts investment for the Billings region.

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