Holiday Window Art in Downtown Billings

In a year where some of our favorite community holiday traditions are just a memory, there has been a lot of effort put in by many to bring some extra cheer to downtown this year. The BID Street Team installed new Holiday Decorations for the first time since the 1960s. Our office didn’t stop there, we coordinated with downtown property and business owners and artists to have holiday window art painted on street level windows around downtown.

Our organization provided the gallons of Tempera paint, paint brushes, and other supplies and the artists did the rest over two separate weekends in early December.

Local known artists included Ruby Hahn, Isabella Bonilla of Blue Jaguar Art, and Bitterroot Sip & Paint owner and artist Chareese Jorgensen.

Additionally there were property owners and over 20 Central High School Art students who participated in painting the downtown windows for the whole community to enjoy.

We invite you and your household to come downtown to see all the holiday decorations, window displays, window art, and Christmas trees all up for the community to enjoy.

 Here are some but not all of the holiday window art: