Downtown Parking

Parking downtown includes a multitude of both metered and signed parking. Below is a list of options.

Metered Street Parking

Parking downtown includes a multitude of both metered and signed parking. Metered parking times range from one to three hours. Rates can be found below. Most meters within the downtown core allow for credit card payments and all still accept coins. We suggest downloading the PayByPhone app to your smartphone to allow for mobile payments and easy ways to extend your time at a meter without having to swipe your card or carry coins! You can quickly register or park without an account. You can find more information: City of Billings Parking Division.

Downtown Parking Meter Rates
1st hr – $1.50
2nd hr – $1.50
3rd hr – $3.00
4th hr – $3.50

Metered parking is free after 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next morning during the workweek, and all day during the weekend!

The Parking Division enforces all metered parking downtown, You can find more information at their website: City of Billings Parking Division or you can call the Parking Division at (406) 657-8412.

Some of the metered parking specifications are designated by colored domes atop the meters. For example, green domes signify that a portion of proceeds from that meter will be given to Downtown Billings to be used for various downtown beautification projects, including flower baskets and street decorations.

You can purchase bags of Parking Tokens to be used in any meter from the Downtown Billings Alliance office at 116 N. 29th Street, Suite A. One bag of 40 tokens is $10.00.

10-Hour Permit Zones

10-hour permit zones allow monthly permit-holders to park at specific locations downtown without having to plug or monitor a meter. Monthly permits can be purchased at the Downtown Billings Alliance office at 116 N. 29th Street, Suite A, for $30.00.

You can purchase an annual 10 hour parking permit that will be prorated at the beginning of each month. Annual Parking Pass expires at the end of the calendar year. A new Annual Parking pass must be purchased January of the next year.

Important Dates:
– Thursday, December 21, 1pm MST, final 2023 mail orders.
– Thursday, December 21, final 2023 permit mailing day and pick up day.
– Tuesday, January 2, office re-opens for 2024 and orders will be mailed or available for pick up starting at 10am.


Signed and Permit-Only Parking Zones

Posted parking signage around downtown includes two-hour parking, no parking areas, 10-minute parking zones, unloading zones, and 10-hour permit zones.

Free two-hour parking, located in certain areas of downtown, becomes unlimited at 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the morning during the workweek, as well as during the weekend, allowing people to park and enjoy downtown. Signed 10-hour permit locations also allow unlimited parking between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the next morning, as well as unlimited parking during the weekend.

Parking Garages/Lots

City-owned Parking garages:

  • The hourly rate 7-days a week is $1.25 an hour with a maximum of $15 for the day. 
  • Monthly rates available for all city-owned parking garages. View monthly parking garage rate details. Or call or email the Parking Division at (406) 657-8412 or


  1. Park 1 – 2912 3rd Avenue N.
    Located next to the Hedden Empire Building and has a sky bridge that connects to the Hart Albin Garage, which is privately owned.
  2. First Avenue North Parking Garage (formerly Park 2)– 2651 First Avenue N.
    Located next to the Wells Fargo building and has two sky bridges connecting it to the Double Tree Hotel and the Grand Building.
  3. Park 3 – 210 North 27th Street
    Located adjacent to the current City Hall and downtown’s only Public Restroom. Boasts a colorful public mural by artist Terri Porta on the 2nd Avenue N. side.
  4. Empire Parking Garage – 11 North Broadway
    Has a sky bridge that connects the Garage to the Northern Hotel and it operates a fully automated gate!

The Parking Division enforces Park 1, Park 2, Park 3, and the Empire Garage. You can find more information at their website: City of Billings Parking Division or by calling (406) 657-8412.

Note: Hart Albin Garage, and Trans Western Garage are private parking garages located in downtown Billings.

Private Parking Garages/Lots

Please note the various private garages and lots around downtown have various rates and listed methods of payment.

Hart Albin Parking Garage – 209 N 29th Street

The Hart Albin parking garage is centrally and conveniently located downtown providing walkability to most places in the downtown area. In addition to the convenient location, there is access to the Sky Bridge from the Hart Albin parking garage.

Offers monthly options and rates:

  • Reserved Covered: $127.00
  • Covered Rooftop: $41.75
  • Unreserved Covered: $63.50
  • Uncovered Rooftop: $31.75

Please contact 406-624-7270 for more information.

Transwestern Parking Garage – 515 N 31st Street

Hours of operation are between 5:30 AM and 9:30 PM on weekdays, closed weekends and major holiday. This parking garage takes credit/debit cards but no cash.

Offers monthly and hourly rates. For more details on rates, please call 406-255-7100.

Stillwater Parking Garage – 2549 3rd Avenue North

Hourly rate: $2/hr up to $5/day

Monthly rate: $72/month

Diamond Parking Service

Diamond Parking Service operates nine parking locations around downtown billings that offer daily and monthly parking options. Please visit their website: Diamond Parking Service for more information. Please note prominently posted signs in each lot that include payment instructions.

Parking Enforcement

Aside from privately owned parking garages and lots, the City of Billings Parking Division enforces all parking in downtown Billings, including maintaining parking structures, monitoring permit parking, and street meters. For more information or questions, please contact the Parking Division through their website: City of Billings Parking Division or by calling (406) 657-8412.

If you happen to find a faulty meter, please call Parking Division at (406) 657-8412 and provide them the Location Number and the Stall Number, found just above the digital screen. This will help them accurately locate and troubleshoot any issues.

Other types of transportation

There are other ways to access all that downtown Billings has to offer. From the Met transit bus system, to biking and walking, downtown is accessible to all.

Met Transit

Did you know that public transportation use saves the equivalent of 900,000 automobile fill-ups every day? Billings MET Transit is proud to provide fixed-route and paratransit bus service to the City of Billings, offering a safe and reliable transportation alternative to reach downtown Billings. When you choose MET for your transportation, you help save the nation’s energy supply, reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and the demand for parking spaces – and you save yourself money and driving hassles!

All MET buses are wheelchair lift-equipped and accessible to all citizens that are unable to use the stairs. Likewise, they are equipped with bike racks for any bike-riding passengers.

The City of Billings MET Transit Downtown Transfer Station is located at 220 N. 25th Street. Bus routes cover about 43.52 square miles of the urbanized areas of the city, serving about 110,000 people. You can find more information, including bus routes and hours of service at their website: MET.

You can access bus routes & schedules here. For added convenience in tracking bus routes, download the app here.

Bike Friendly Downtown

Downtown Billings celebrates the friendly, lively nature of downtown, and looks to increase awareness of both cycling and walking as efficient, effective forms of alternative transportation. With escalating energy costs, walkability and connectivity are increasingly important issues, and Downtown Billings is committed to building an effective downtown infrastructure, well beyond Bike to Work Week. Look for secure bike parking, more bike racks, and bicycle-specific lanes as well as paths that work well with existing roadways and parking facilities.

Real progress has been made in providing bicycle infrastructure on city streets! Commuter routes have been created, making biking safer and more convenient downtown. Recently, in Autumn 2011, 2nd and 3rd Avenue North from 13th Street North to 22nd Street North were converted to 2-way streets with a bike lane on both sides of each street.

Free Loan-a-Bike Program – COMING SOON

The Loan-A-Bike program makes a bicycle available for use free of charge, thanks to generous sponsorship by the Downtown Billings Business Improvement District (BID). This program encourages people to think of bicycles as efficient, practical transportation, as well as recreation or exercise equipment by making available a bicycle, helmet, and lock-free of charge for mid-day downtown errands or simply a breath of fresh air.

More information about the Free Loan-a-Bike program will be available soon.

Please contact us with any questions or call our office at (406) 294-5060.