Downtown Development

Downtown Development Priorities

The Downtown Billings Urban Renewal District was created to eliminate blight through growth of the taxable value of property. The Downtown Billings Partnership (DBP) Board, along with the City of Billings, have prioritized mixed-use development and housing, although all application-types are considered within the guidelines of the Urban Renewal Plan.

How do I Apply For Downtown Development Assistance?

Email the Downtown Development Director, Mehmet L. Casey, Mehmet will help direct you to the correct resources and tools for your downtown business or development plans.

Is all of Billings paying for Downtown Development?

Tax-Increment Financing is not an additional tax to property owners, but instead, a portion of the determined collected property taxes within the district is set aside for the sole purpose of reinvesting in growing and developing the district.

Who Oversees the Urban Renewal Assistance Program?

The Downtown Billings Partnership (DBP) is the managing company, by contract with the City of Billings, to manage Urban Renewal financing. The DBP Board of Directors works to directly oversee the work of the Development Director, and funds are regularly monitored by the City Finance Department. Large funding projects must also receive approval from City Council.

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