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For Emergencies Call 911

Safe Initiatives

The Business Improvement District is dedicated to making our Downtown a better place to live, work, and play.

  • Public safety? You’ll frequently see our bike cops out and about patrolling the streets. If there is any problem, they will be there with a word.
  • Cleanliness? Our Purple People diligently make sure our garbage cans are emptied and any graffiti is removed before most even know it’s there. Snow removal, street cleaning, and hundreds of small but important undertakings keep our Downtown beautiful and liveable day to day!

The Business Improvement District is proud of its Cooperative Safety program that provides for two Billings Police Department Officers assigned specifically to downtown Billings. These officers, called resource officers, provide additional presence, visibility and assistance over and above what is already provided by the Billings Police Department. Our Dedicated Downtown Center Beat Officers are stationed at the Downtown Billings Alliance office and in other areas within the footprint.

Due to the implementation of the BPD Center Beat overlay, crime has fallen in downtown with incident call numbers cut in half in just one year. Public confidence has been bolstered, through the time tested old fashion out in the street interacting and walking/riding the beat. In a time of record deficits and budget cuts, we ensure through a public-private partnership that public safety is important to downtown as well as city-wide.