Together lets fund the 2024 downtown Flower Basket program

We are incredibly proud of the thriving program that brings 185 vibrant, colorful, and beautiful baskets of overflowing petunias to streets all around downtown. We can confidently say that the flower baskets are Downtown’s most popular beautification program.

Sponsor a 2024 flower Basket for the summer

$85 per basket.

Each sponsored basket is paired with a vibrant sign that reads, “Sponsored By…”, “In Honor of…”, or “In Memory of…”

Downtown’s Most Popular Beautification Program

Much like our downtown small business community, the downtown flower baskets are quite resilient, flourishing through Montana’s changing seasons and inclement weather. Each spring, the baskets seeded and nurtured with care by the local flower farmers at Garden Avenue Greenhouse. Once mature, they are hung throughout the streets of downtown Billings, signaling for many the start of Summer.

The BID Street Team dedicates a significant amount of time each year to support the flower basket program with a daily watering regiment that can take up to five hours on extra warm days. The baskets hang within the Business Improvement District’s 8 mile ‘Clean boundary’ and use about 150 gallons of water each day.

From the purchase of the 185 baskets to the daily maintenance, it takes a significant amount of time and resources each year to support the flower basket program. The program is currently funded through the Downtown Billings Association and Business Improvement District (BID).

Costs are supplemented through:
  • A portion of Alive After 5 wristband revenue.
  • The ‘Green Parking Meter’ Program ( Did you know each time you park and pay at a green meter, a portion goes toward beautification of downtown Billings? ).
  • Donations and sponsorships from individuals, organizations, businesses.

Your donation opens new downtown beautification opportunities!

May 2 and 3, 2024 the community helped us raised $5,480 in the annual Yellowstone Valley Gives fundraiser. Those funds raised help us reach 27.4% of our annual Flower Basket fundraising goal of $20,000. Your Flower Basket Sponsorship(s) will help us reach our goal to free up funds, allowing our nonprofit organization to create additional downtown beautification projects as sustainable and impactful as the flower basket program.