BID Street Team – Downtown Billings Alliance

BID Street Team

Downtown Purple People

The most visible element of the Clean and Safe programs of the Business Improvement District (BID) is the men and women in purple uniforms known as the Purple People. The BID has had a measurable impact on the 18 block district as evidenced in not only a cleaner and safer district but in a friendlier downtown. It is not uncommon to see a BID ambassador handing out parking tokens and directories, giving directions or a personal escort, or helping a homeless individual to a resource agency. The Purple People are daily committed to achieving a higher standard in the delivery of services offered in the BID work plan.

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Trashes Emptied Per Year: 2768
Miles of Sidewalk Washed: 7
Flower Baskets watered/week: 350
Gallons of Elephant Snot Used: 3



Research Confirmed:

Being a Purple Person starts at the cellular level.


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