2024 Feeding the Herd Tour with Austin Martin & The Herd

The Montana based country rock band, Austin Martin & The Herd will be headlining at the PUB STATION on March 15, 2024. The band started their “2024 Feeding the Herd” Tour in Southern California on February 20, 2024. They’re partnered with the Montana Food Bank Network; in an effort to help raise donations to help alleviate food insecurity.

This year, the band decided to embark on another humanitarian journey, and it’s all about feeding people.  2024 has started with a few economic challenges for everyone in the US. The middle class is slowly getting squeezed out by rising inflation, high taxes, and a lack of resources (due to income exceeding maximum standards). After numerous meetings and contemplation, the band dedicated their 8th national tour to Feeding America. What better way to do this than to partner with the Feeding America food bank affiliates in each state they’re performing. In addition, the band has decided to surprise two lucky families with a week’s worth of groceries. They will choose the families through promoted social media contests/ campaigns. The band aims to generate donations, feed those suffering from food insecurity, and inspire others to support their community outreach efforts. If that’s not noble enough, the band has decided to donate their time and volunteer at 15 food banks across the US. This Feeding America tour is an excellent example of a band traveling with a purpose. Help us feed Montana one plate at a time.

  • Posted on: February 22, 2024

Meet the New Downtown Resource Outreach Coordinator (ROC)

Kody Christensen-Linton was recently hired as the Resource Outreach Coordinator (ROC) for the Downtown Billings Alliance. The ROC position is funded through a County and Tribal matching grant.  Kody will work alongside the downtown resource officers and Community Innovations Partners to assist at-risk individuals with treatment access, health, housing, and social services.

The ROC position works within the Central Business District to engage individuals living with substance abuse disorder, mental illness, and/or experiencing homelessness. Kody’s holistic work model is person-centered and focuses on harm reduction. As the ROC, his duties are performed with a multidisciplinary and multi-agency team approach that supports the work of the Downtown Billings Alliance, the Billings Police Department’s Cooperative Safety Agreement, Community Innovations (CI), and the Continuum of Care (COC).

Kody was born and raised in Billings and has a passion for the community. He is an avid volunteer and serves on multiple Billings boards and commissions. He looks forward to working with the many organizations Billings has to offer to find the best resource for each individual.

To learn more about Kody and his role as Downtown’s Resource Outreach Coordinator, email kody@downtownbillings.com