The 2021 Downtown Resilience Flower Basket Campaign is Live!

Downtown’s Most Popular Beautification Program

Very much like our downtown small business community, the downtown flower baskets are quite resilient, flourishing through Montana’s changing seasons and inclement weather. Each spring, the baskets are seeded and nurtured by a local grower, and once mature, they are hung throughout the streets of downtown Billings, signaling for many the start of Summer.

Over time the Business Improvement District (BID) has grown the downtown flower basket program to over 160 hanging baskets, overflowing with colorful petunias. The BID Street Team dedicates a significant amount of time to supporting the flower basket program each year, including a daily watering regiment of up to five hours and 150 gallons of water each day.

The flower basket program is funded by our team here at the Downtown Billings Alliance through several fundraising sources, including individuals, organizations, and businesses sponsoring flower baskets and the green meter program. Did you know each time you park and pay at a green meter, a portion goes toward beautification of downtown Billings?

The funds from these programs and sponsorships help us reach the flower basket program’s annual fundraising goal of $20,000.

Join us in our efforts to beautify our vibrant downtown!

Basket sponsors are to be listed on our BID webpage and also displayed on a tag alongside each sponsored basket throughout the summer.

We are incredibly proud of this thriving program, bringing vibrant beauty and life to the sidewalks downtown.