Vesper & Cyrus

Vesper is a sweet pit bull who loves nothing more than being Downtown and meeting everyone she can. She’s calm and sophisticated (as much as a puppy can be).

Cyrus, a is an eager to play pit bull, 5 years younger and completely opposite of his sister. Ready at any minute for a good game of ball or tug. He’s got the most loving, goofy personality that always makes you smile. Cyrus gives the best puppy hugs and wants to kiss every other puppy and human he meets.

When they’re not Downtown, these puppies love to go hiking and swimming in the mountains. If you see them, give them a big high-five!

Their most common downtown hang out is: On chair at the Historic Billings Depot or in the middle of MoAv collecting as many pets as they can from morning coffee goers.

  • Posted on: July 1, 2020