About Foxy Fun Life

Foxy Fun Life is health coaching and life coaching. The program includes Foxy Fun Diet, Foxy Fun Fitness, Foxy Fun Spirituality, Foxy Fun Finances and Foxy Fun Business. I coach clients on eating healthy, physical fitness and starting a fitness routine, creating goals, learning how to meditate, developing spiritually, creating budgets, financial goals, and creating a side hustle that could turn into a full-time job. Creating lasting changes and developing healthy habits is an important part of Foxy Fun Life. Fierce Fun Life is also available for men. Most of, if not all of my coaching sessions are done through Zoom. From the comfort of your own home, I can help you create goals and make some of those lasting changes.

Foxy Fun Life is truly centered in a plant based diet, eliminating alcohol or limiting drinks, being tobacco free, avoiding harmful substances, exercise, staying hydrated, meditation and prayer, personal reflection, creating extra income and financial goal planning (optional).


By appointment.