About Ceilon Aspensen Fine Art

Ceilon Aspensen has been a passionate artmaker her entire life. Watercolor painting, drawing with colored pencils, painting in oils and acrylics, have filled her with joy for decades, and sharing her art with you completes that cycle of joy.

Ceilon also teaches art classes for adults to help them explore their own creativity and follow their creative passions.

While most of my art is inspired by the beauty of nature around me, my art is also infused with the experiences of being raised as an Army B.R.A.T. in France and Germany for the first ten years of my life, having spent all of my childhood summers on the family farm in rural Alabama, having lived in Montana since 1989, and several stints in between totaling about ten years in western Maryland and Baltimore. Those diverse cultural experiences, the beautiful landscapes of Germany, rural Alabama, the Rocky Mountain West, the Appalachian Mountains, and the colorful, urban experiences of Baltimore, seeped into me throughout my life and now flow out into my artwork.



My studio is open for special events and by appointment