About Aspinwall Mountain Wear


Aspinwall was officially founded in June of 2014 by husband and wife team, Derek and Lucy Aspinwall, out of their garage in Billings, MT. From the beginning, their desire has always been to create a premium, quality apparel and performance wear brand that would be owned and operated in the heart of Montana. Through prior entrepreneurial opportunities and work experiences of their own, they focused their sights toward mountain culture and the essence of living in Montana. With life-long roots in Montana (Derek from Great Falls and Lucy from Billings), and lifestyles surrounded by mountain activities and outdoor recreation, it was a natural and inspired fit.


In April of 2014, a simple Montana T-shirt design was created and printed for Scheels Billings, the first official account for what would later be named and branded Aspinwall Mountain Wear. It took several weeks for the company to acquire that official name, something Derek wrestled with for weeks after that first account. It wasn’t until he had a dream one night, nothing short of inspiration, where he found himself presenting his company to family and friends while standing next to a building clearly titled Aspinwall. While his original intention was never to name a company after himself, he felt strongly that the dream was no coincidence and took a leap of faith. In May of 2014, trademark requirements were granted and the company had officially been given its title.

Furthering his quest to provide a quality product line, Derek began to sample fabrics and materials of the highest quality, and customize the cut and fit of both men’s and women’s shirts. After sizing and resizing and sizing again, the custom fit and feel of the Aspinwall product you experience today came to fruition, providing customers with an experience in which they can showcase their passion and interest in mountain culture while feeling comfortable and confident in their purchase.


Our mission is to promote mountain culture and everything it has to offer us in daily life. In a day and age when it seems like the TV and hand-held device has taken over, we desire to see more people, friends, couples, and families enjoying the mountains and everything they contain. From hiking to skiing, to camping and lake side lounging, we want to provide quality and comfortable apparel to promote and cultivate that important lifestyle.

As we continue to focus on our mission and the heart behind our brand, we will continue to create those quality products for our valued customers. Aspinwall can be found in over 70 locations across Montana, including the downtown headquarters and storefront in Billings, but we aren’t prepared to stop there. Mountain culture lives outside of this great state and we want to share in that common bond.  Shirts, sweatshirts, and hats have only begun to scratch the surface of our creative pallet and the work toward high-end, technical ski apparel has already begun. As with the customization and quality assurance process of our shirts, we will take the time to ensure our next big product line will encompass those same familiar guarantees.

Bottom line, we are excited to be here, we are beyond excited that you’ve found us, and we are stoked on what is to come.


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