About Altana Federal Credit Union

It’s been 70 years since 9 Montana refinery workers pooled their money in a cash box located in an empty boxcar. It’s hard to imagine that they could have envisioned the impact they would have on the lives of so many people.

The first loan given was used to purchase a sewing machine. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks to their leap of faith so many years ago, we’re here today. Altana Federal Credit Union – Laurel Federal Credit Union, at the time – has grown to support people and families who live, work and worship in seven counties in Montana. Today, we help people build their dream home, purchase their first vehicle, and save for college or retirement.

What hasn’t changed over the last 70 years is the cooperative spirit that was the cornerstone of that first meeting. Their vision and philosophy – a desire to promote thrift and savings in an effort to improve the financial lives of members and their families – is alive and well. We also believe the growth and well-being of our communities will continue to remain bright as long as people continue to hold sacred this spirit of cooperation.


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