How to Support Local Businesses During a Pandemic

It is so important for us as a community to step up and support local businesses during this time. The lockdowns are having a huge impact on the local economy and all over the country. It is going to be very difficult for small businesses to get back on their feet without our help.

So, let’s do something good for our city. Let’s order takeout from local restaurants, buy Billings products, buy local meats and veggies, shop from local retailers with e-commerce, buy gift cards, reschedule appointments instead of canceling, leave 5-star reviews, tell your friends and family to shop local, and just say thank you to the local businesses that hold up our community. They need us now more than ever. So let’s rally for them.

Check out these comprehensive lists from the Billings Chamber of Commerce, The Billings Gazette,, and City Lifestyle.

Billings Chamber: Carry-out

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Billings Chamber: Retail Attractions

Billings Chamber: Retail Salons

Billings Gazette: Food and Drink

Billings 365: Restaurant and Coffee Shop Options

City Lifestyle: Restaurants

The city has now designated free parking spaces for curbside pickup and takeout orders from downtown businesses.

You can still get a free DBA card when you spend $35+ downtown and show us your receipt. Drop it in our mailbox outside our office with shipping details, email a picture of it to us, message it to us on social, whatever you have to do! Just shop local!