Downtown Billings Alliance is Awarded the 2021 Billings Chamber Inclusion Award

Annually the Billings Chamber takes the opportunity to recognize the incredible businesses and leaders in our community with their Business Excellence Awards. Our organization is honored to be recognized as one of the 2021 winners.

We are not only honored, but humbled to be awarded their first Inclusion Award.

The Inclusion award was created to honor individuals and/or employers who champion diversity and inclusion at their businesses and organizations and in the community.

Kelly McCandless; Director; Communications & Workforce Development with the Billings Chamber shared: “When seeking leadership in this area, DBA quickly comes to mind.”

Verbiage from our Strategic Plan reads;

“Downtowns are for everyone. They are accommodating to individuals and groups alike. They go out of their way to make people from all backgrounds feel welcomed, included, and celebrated. They champion what makes us all unique. Downtowns provide opportunities for all.”

Mehmet Casey, Development Director here at the Downtown Billings Alliance, shared his observations shortly after being hired.

I quickly learned that the team represented men and women, Native Americans and LGBTQ+ members, locals and transplants. This informed me that our leader is not just accepting and welcoming of different populations bur rather celebrates and seeks out people for who they are and what they’re capable of.

As an organization we are dedicated to being intentionally inclusive. We aim to model a diverse and inclusive culture not only within our office, but throughout downtown. We work to cultivate a space where all people are seen and heard. The vision is to have downtown model this culture for the rest of the Billings community. We feel inclusivity builds a unique vitality downtown. This Award is one of the most meaningful our team could receive.

Katy, Easton our CEO adds:

There’s a lot of ways to say you’re doing a great job downtown, but to be recognized for truly being inclusive, nothing could be more meaningful.

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