About Rain Soul Studio

A boutique wellness studio offering yoga, meditation, breath work, embodiment coaching, creative mindset mentoring, somatic wellness, creative respite, and nutrition advocacy in downtown Billings.

Rain Soul Studio is the next iteration of what we have passionately cared for and attended to as artists and wellness advocates. This is a container, a map, and an identifier to how we see ourselves moving into the world, into community. With no shortage of stresses and collective trauma on the horizon, and given our personal experiences, we seek to share what we can with those we intersect with.

A rain soul acknowledges the growth that sprouts from our persistent efforts to be present to the shadow work and the nourishing ways we heal when we stay with “what is.” We both find solace and a sense of contentment from a gentle steady rain … it has a soothing and steadying quality to our personal energies. We embrace those wild storms too, the earnest work required. “What has no shadow has no strength to live” – Milosz.

We serve as certified guides to those seeking supportive space for creative respite, mentored conversation for building new patterns, nurturing resilience, recovery of joy, as well as resources and tools for personal advocacy, stress management, anxiety relief, and restorative rest. You may not have time to meet us for class, book a coaching session, or have the ability to set aside resources for wellness practices at this moment, but we are here when you’re ready and we hope you know that you are deserving of unconditional love, support, and deep rest. — Krista & Mike Pasini

Coaching and Mentoring offered by appointment Monday – Saturday
Monday 9-11am | 2-4pm
Tuesday 9-11am
Wednesday 2-6pm
Thursday 9-11am | 2-4pm
Friday 9-11am | 12-6pm
Saturday 2-4pm

Studio Classes offered Monday – Thursday*
Monday 12pm, 5:15pm
Tuesday 12pm, 5:30pm
Wednesday 7:45am, 12pm
Thursday 12pm, 5:30pm
Weekend events & workshops

*check rainsoulstudio.com/attend to verify schedule


Monday: 9-11am | 2-4pm
Tuesday: 9-11am
Wednesday: 2-6pm
Thursday: 9-11am | 2-4pm
Friday: 9-11am | 12-6pm
Saturday: 2-4pm