About PermaLetter

For the last 20+ years, Permaletter was owned by Ron and Ronda Bachman with a desire to provide excellent quality and innovative design to the community. They knew standing out doesn’t always mean bigger or brighter – it’s much more important and nuanced than that. The people of Permaletter live their promise: a tradition of quality and ingenuity in design that brings clarity to the chaos of the ever-accelerating business environment. Virtual noise grows by the day as businesses and consumers make more of their decisions and transactions online, but a great sign creates an impression that digital designs can’t quite match.

In 2018, Permaletter was acquired by Zee Creative, Inc, the parent company of Zee Creative. Zee Creative is a creative web design, graphic design and digital marketing firm also located in Billings, MT. Their founder, Mike Marshall, is a former employee of Permaletter and spent over a decade the sign industry before focusing his company on graphic and web design. While we do believe signs are the greatest way to make a lasting impression on your clients, we are also thrilled to partner with a design company that shares our passion for clarity and quality in design.

With both companies under one roof, we can be your one-stop shop for both web, print, and sign services. Services from both Permaletter and Zee Creative can be easily coordinated for consistency across all your branding materials. We invite you to browse both of our websites to learn more.


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