About Lumen Fx Inc.

Lumen FX is proud to represent a select group of the top lighting manufacturers in the United States. Based in Billings, Montana, with a satellite location in Missoula, Montana, our ideas are as big as our territories vast blue skies. Our objective is to facilitate communication with designers, distributors and contractors with some of the country’s most elite lighting manufacturers, offering communications support as needed. We strive to make your project as seamless and simple as possible, and work diligently to strategize an entire plan, so problems can be avoided and goals met on time.

Lumen FX was founded in 2002 by current owner Frank (FX) Dugas, who purchased the assets of the Wages Agency, Inc. Together, our highly-skilled team brings you 65 years of combined experience in the lighting industry.

What We Do
At Lumen FX, our primary focus is providing lighting assistance with commercial and residential lighting  products. We are proud to offer:

Lighting recommendations: Our advice on types of lighting design and fixtures specific to the needs of your project.

Lighting calculations: Exact measurements to help you implement your lighting design.

Budget preparation: Estimates to help you come through for your clients, based on their budgetary considerations.

Sample demonstrations and lighting mockups: Visual examples to help you and your clients envision various lighting design scenarios.

If you’re looking for assistance with a lighting project, Lumen FX is here and ready to help. With exceptional contacts in the lighting manufacturing industry, we’re here to provide the most applicable and thorough service available. Contact us today!.


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