Featured: Billings Public Library to Offer STEAM Kits for Kids

Featured Article:

Billings Public Library

October 18, 2021
by Allynne Ellis

Through generous donations from the Friends of Billings Public Library and the Billings Public Library Foundation, kids and families will have the chance to explore STEAM components in a new way. The Try It Yourself (TIY) kits are another way that Billings Public Library can reach out to our community through insightful and valuable resources.

The TIY Kits give children needed exposure to hands-on experiences.  These experiences build both confidence and interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).  There are 12 kits with a variety of STEAM components highlighted through various topics. Each kit contains a unique collection of multi-media materials including books, DVDs, games, and models chosen to appeal to a variety of learning styles and ages. Instructions and explanations are included.

Available kits are on display in the Children’s area in clear vinyl bags. Each kit may be checked out for 14 days and can be placed on hold from the library catalog at billingslibrary.org.  Kits need to be returned in person to the Children’s Desk and cannot be returned in drop boxes.

Visit https://billingslibrary.org or call 406-657-8256 for more information.