Answers to commonly asked Alive After 5 questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked Alive After 5 questions:

  1. Admission is FREE to the public, however, if you intend to consume and purchase alcohol within the Alive After 5 street closure you must purchase a wristband at one of the purple pop-up tents.
  2. Wristbands are $3, and require a valid form of ID for purchase. Water, soda, and other non-alcoholic beverages may be purchased without a wristband.
  3. The revenue generated through wristband sales at each Alive After 5 helps sustain the coordination and facilitation of downtown beautification projects, public art projects, and other free community events coordinated by the Downtown Billings Association (DBA) throughout the year.
  4. Alive After 5 is an event for all ages. The DBA offers a free kid centric scavenger hunt at each Alive After 5. You can get a scavenger hunt sheet at one of the purple event tents.
  5. Every event location sells non-alcoholic beverage options for attendees and $2 bottled water can be purchased at all the purple DBA event tents.
  6. There is at least one outside food option (ie. a food truck or a special food tent from the host location directly) scheduled for each Alive After 5 event. You are encouraged to enjoy dine-in or takeout from one of the many downtown restaurants. Yes, you may bring outside food into the Alive After 5 outdoor event closure
  7. The Downtown Billings Association (DBA) policy is to card every individual purchasing a wristband. This policy protects the host location and their staff, the DBA staff, and volunteers. If you forgot your ID, you are still welcome to enjoy the free concert and purchase food, water, soda and/or other non-alcoholic beverages.
  8. Outside alcohol is not allowed inside an Alive After 5 event closure. Any alcohol consumed at the event must be purchased within the Alive After 5 event closure at one of the host location satellite bars. You are, however, welcome to bring you own non-alcoholic beverages.
  9. It is against the City of Billings’ code for you to bring your ‘small’ animal (dog, cat, hamster, bunny, etc) to public events like Alive After 5, Strawberry Festival, The Yellowstone Valley Farmer’s Market, and more. Billings code: Chapter 4, article 4, section 4-407

Please direct additional questions to the Downtown Billings Association Events Director, Lexie Mann. She can be reached by email at

  • Posted on: June 25, 2024
  • Categories: Events