A New Pop-up Shop Opens Downtown

On Friday April 9, 2021 Kibler & Kirch Presents opens at 102 N. Broadway.

Store Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm

What is Kibler & Kirch Presents?

This store is a conceptual, ever-changing pop-up shop. A place for the Kibler & Kirch design team to scratch a creative itch for something always new and fresh—something to keep you guessing. As an interior design firm, the Kibler & Kirch team is always dreaming. This is a space to dream about what kinds of temporary stores might bring a little excitement to downtown Billings. For a few months, Kibler & Kirch Presents might be a flower store, then become something completely different—a linen store, an art shop, a place for Christmas gifts, or even a store that’s all about plaid. What they can promise is that you’ll want to visit again and again for something you didn’t expect!

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THE FLOWERIE (Spring 2021)

The first iteration of Kibler & Kirch Presents will be THE FLOWERIE; a celebration of all things floral. You can expect to find live and artificial flowers, pottery and vases to put them in, pre-made arrangements, floral pillows, art, apothecary, stationary, fabrics, furnishings, and more. The Kibler & Kirch team has long loved to incorporate floral motifs into their design work, so it seemed like the perfect concept for a store this time of year. Plus floral things are just so pretty and timeless! THE FLOWERIE opens Friday, April 9th, they encourage you to come early. This store will be here and gone this Spring!

More about Kibler & Kirch

The parent company, Kibler & Kirch is both a talented interior design firm and an extraordinary shopping experience, they specialize in time less and comfortable interiors. Kibler & Kirch, recently closed their Red Lodge, Montana retail location to bring it to Billings where their design studio is located. The Kibler & Kirch design studio is already located on the second floor of the Stapleton Building at the corner of N. Broadway & 1st Ave. N.  The design firm will be reopening their primary home store just around the corner in the same building.